#1day12pics June 2014

1day12pics June 2014

#1day12pics is back again, with a regular slot on the first Saturday of every month. Join me and Michelle this Saturday, 7 May, for a day of photos. If you’re new, you are very welcome. Just take a photo every hour throughout the day and share on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag. And if you blog about your day, please…

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OK Do This – a treasure trove of unusual photo projects

unusual photo projects from OK Do This

In need of inspiration for some unusual photo projects? Look no further than the OK Do This app. A treasure trove of photo projects submitted by the OK Do This community, you will not fail to find a project that grabs your attention and sends you off camera in hand. Some of my favourites – “Fill…

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Photo workshop at Uppark House and Garden

photo workshop uppark national trust

Imagine arriving at a pristine National Trust property just after breakfast on the best day of the year. You find tea and coffee laid out in the garden’s gothick seat. You sit down and gaze at the unbroken view stretching all the way to the sea. All you can hear are house martins and the…

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How to archive your family photos

how to archive your family photos

When you archive your family photos you are preserving everything for the next generation. It’s an extremely satisfying project, but plan ahead to save yourself time consuming mistakes. My best advice is to work in batches, and stay organised. If the project seems too big, start with last year, finish it, and then work backwards…

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#1day12pics – May

photo project hour a day

Despite spending 6 hours at a football tournament, I managed all 12 pics this month….

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Photo apps – pick one and stick with it

photo apps photo project

How many photo apps do you have on your phone? How often do you use all of them? Do you even know what they all do? This week’s photo project is to get to know just one of your apps inside out. Pick one, and only shoot and edit with it for a day or…

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How to make a Facebook cover photo with Canva

how to make a facebook cover photo in canva

Making a Facebook cover photo couldn’t be easier with Canva.com. 1. Choose the Facebook cover photo template 2. Scroll through the layouts to choose a template 3. Add your photos to the Uploads section, and drag to add to cover. Edit text. 4. Edit with optional filters 5. Click ‘Link and Publish’ to download to…

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